Japan 2009 Highlights: Koishikawa Kōrakuen

Tokyo_29_March_2009 008

Let’s go for a stroll through one of Tokyo’s finest traditional gardens.

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Owning a piece of (virtual) Tokyo

Since it was launched on 9th September, Monopoly City Streets has seen thousands of armchair real estate magnates snap up hot roadside – or should I say on-road – property all over the world. Built upon Google Maps and the OpenStreetMap database, the free online game gives players $3,000,000 in site currency with which to start purchasing the digital equivalents of the world’s streets, put up buildings on them, accumulate profits from rent and capital gains, and in due course establish a global real estate empire worth billions.

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09:09 PM, 09/09/09

Last year, I said I didn’t believe in luck.

I still don’t.

But I still like the way the numbers line up.

In Diegospeak, “Kinokuniya” is a verb.


The feeling one gets after spending way, way, way too much

It means “to drive oneself into penury”.

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