Japan 2009 Highlights: Kinkaku-ji

Kyoto_01_April_2009 220

I spent a good few minutes trying to think of a pithy introduction for this post. I failed.

And that pretty much sums up the sort of reaction seeing this national treasure for the first time can evoke in a person.

Don’t talk. Just look.

For a World Heritage Site, the entrance is rather nondescript.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 215

The outbuildings, though beautifully designed and admirably proportioned, aren’t much different from those in other temple compounds.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 216

Kyoto_01_April_2009 217

But then one turns a corner – and there it is, in all of its jaw-dropping splendour. No photograph can adequately recreate the experience (and I’ve seen many that are far, far better than mine); you’ll have to stand right there on the edge of the lake to know what it’s really like to gaze upon this vision of indescribable beauty.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 218

Kyoto_01_April_2009 220

Kyoto_01_April_2009 230

There is a fine stroll garden built into the hillside above the lake . . .

Kyoto_01_April_2009 244

Kyoto_01_April_2009 246

Kyoto_01_April_2009 250

Kyoto_01_April_2009 251

Kyoto_01_April_2009 252

. . . but it’s well nigh impossible to tear one’s eyes away from the splendid golden pavilion that peeks through the trees.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 254

2 Responses

  1. Ah yes, one of the oldest paradise gardens in Japan 🙂 Thank you for the photos 🙂

  2. Wonderful gardens, yes. A real delight to stroll around, except for the hordes of other tourists trampling all over the place at the same time.

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