So, they’ve finally killed the beast

I’m just as relieved as everyone to learn that Endless Eight has endlessly eighted our ends for the last time, but stuck as I am in a country where leeching material off the net is frowned upon – to put it veeery politely – I’ll probably be the last Harutard on earth to see a subbed version of 7 August’s arc finale. (Which should happen when I return home next week.)

Thankfully, the repetitious nature of this last block of episodes partly obviates the need for subtitles, since those of us who’ve held on to the Haruhi bandwagon like mindless lemmings headed for destruction will by now know every painful detail of the story from end to endless end. (This is especially true for followers of the original source material, which the series has tended to follow quite faithfully.) So for the time being, I can slake my thirst for an amicable conclusion to this excruciatingly overextended arc by catching the latest installment – unsubbed, of course – on Kadokawa’s YouTube channel. Down it comes tomorrow, so enjoy it while it lasts.

My thoughts? Not a bad ending by any means. The last few scenes (and the music chosen to accompany them) will stand proudly among the highlights of this season, while the rest of the arc can hie themselves off to some dark corner and die for all I care. A tragic waste, but let’s shrug it off and move on.

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