Haruhi for free on YouTube – with English subs

Kadokawa’s YouTube channel now has the first eight episodes of this year’s “rebroadcast” of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, complete with English subtitles and arranged in chronological order. Not that this matters to those who have already seen the fansubs or purchased the R1 DVDs, but if you’ve done neither then this is the perfect opportunity to watch them for free (and with no legal qualms whatsoever).

If I remember correctly, the raw Japanese versions of the original 2006 episodes that were previously posted on the Kadokawa channel included various extra/corrected scenes that had, before that time, only been released on DVD. I’ll do a quick check on one of the newly subbed episodes to make sure, but I imagine these English versions will also contain the additional DVD-only material. [UPDATE: Episode 4 had something that wasn’t on the original broadcast version, so yeah – it looks like the YouTube vids are based on the extended DVD versions.]

Kadokawa will almost certainly yank these episodes off YouTube after a few days or so (in accordance with established procedure), so enjoy them while they last.