Japan 2009 Highlights: Fushimi-Inari-taisha

Kyoto_01_April_2009 280

Today, I’ll recount one of the most memorable (and bone-chilling) experiences of my journey in Japan: a late-afternoon stroll through the torii of Fushimi-Inari-taisha.

This world-famous shrine is located in south-eastern Kyoto, just minutes away from Kyoto Station on the JR Nara line. The entrance is easy to find: from JR Inari Station, turn left and walk a few steps until you see a bright red-orange torii on your right.

The main gate, flanked by bronze kitsune statues.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 269

Kyoto_01_April_2009 271

Kyoto_01_April_2009 272

Walk towards the rear of the main shrine area and you’ll find a large torii.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 277

Head up the steps and look for a group of smaller torii, which marks the start of the path that will take you through the forest and up the mountain.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 278

And so it begins.

Kyoto_01_April_2009 279

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6 Responses

  1. Looks quite impressive.

  2. @ffviiknight: Very. Next time I go to Japan, I’ll try to finish the course – but preferably in the morning and with one or more companions.

  3. Oh wow, what a fascinating path! 🙂

    Yay for foxies :3

  4. @Kitsune: A pity I didn’t run into any real foxes when I was there!

    (On the other hand, if they bite, I should probably say “A good thing I didn’t run into any real foxes when I was there!”)

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  6. […] have more – and better – images of the shrine on my older blog (click here). Those were taken during an earlier visit (part of my very first journey across Japan, back in […]

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