Japan 2009 Highlights: Nijō Castle

Now we come to the inner part of the castle, the Honmaru. This section has its own moat and protective gateway.

Kyoto_30_March_2009 080

Kyoto_30_March_2009 081

The architecture of the Honmaru Palace isn’t particularly impressive, but I’ve seen photographs of the interiors and they look quite superb. Unfortunately, the palace is only open for viewing in the autumn, so we’ll have to content ourselves with these pictures taken from the outside.

Kyoto_30_March_2009 089

Kyoto_30_March_2009 094

The high stone platform upon which the castle’s donjon once stood gives visitors a great view of the Honmaru compound.

Kyoto_30_March_2009 096

Kyoto_30_March_2009 097

Another part of the Honmaru Palace.

Kyoto_30_March_2009 104

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5 Responses

  1. The gate is impressive, and I liked the view of the gardens. Dango is a nice extra hehe

  2. @Kitsune: Yeah, there’s nothing like treating oneself to freshly roasted dango after a long, exhausting day of walking. I got my first taste a couple of days before I visited Kyoto – I was in Nikko (north of Tokyo) at the time and I had just finished a foot-killing walk through the sights when I spotted a roadside vendor laying some fresh dango on a grill and basting them with this incredibly flavourful sauce. Forget sushi: they should declare roasted dango their national dish.

  3. It sounds like you enjoyed your dango 🙂

    haha Roasted dango as a national food!

  4. […] our misfortune, that day the parade was already over, so we headed to our first destination: the Nijo Castle. This castle, did not look like that of Himeji (you can see it from the photos), and was prohibited […]

  5. […] more pictures and additional commentary, please swing by the posts describing my previous visits here (2009) and here […]

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