Haruhi Season 2 starts on 24 May???


Read the full report on Anime News Network.

If untrue, come 24 May let’s all fly to Kadokawa’s corporate headquarters and seriously trash the place. If true, then the guesswork I made on 01 May (click here to read the original post) turns out to be correct after all:

Sasa no Ha Rhapsody will probably appear as one of the side stories in the second season.

The new episodes produced for the second season will probably be mixed into the “rebroadcast” of the first season.

If the chronological ordering of the Suzumiya Haruhi light novel series is strictly observed and the two preceding inferences are correct, the first episode of the new season will probably be an adaptation of Sasa no Ha Rhapsody and will probably air on 22 May or shortly thereafter, by which time – based on the 03 April start date of the “rebroadcast” – a gap will exist in the light novel material already covered by the first season. [emphases added]

Now comes the difficult part: waiting for hard evidence. The Dark Kadokawa Empire cannot be trusted by its word alone.

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  1. […] post originally appeared on my personal blog – I’m just trying to give this breaking news wider coverage. Anyway, you can read the full […]

  2. Along with thousands (millions?) of other fans all over the world I’m eagerly awaiting this. As I missed the entire series of Haruhi-chan, I haven’t had any new Melancholy for two/three years or so – it remains one of my favourite series, and was one that really cemented my fandom. I’d been an on-and-off watcher/reader for a couple of years before that, but Haruhi was what really made me realized that anime was something I loved.
    So, in conclusion, yes – if this is false, I will fly to Japan with you and alternately ask for autographs and then leave a strongly worded letter of complaint (complete with frowning face and tearing-up eyes) at the front desk of the offices of Kadokawa. In that order. 🙂
    Oh, and well done on the guesswork! Your portfolio of evidence was fantastic, by the way. ^^

  3. […] original show. Many sources I’ve read include Sankaku Complex, Cartoon Leap, Mikotoism, and Anime Affairs. I don’t know if I can wait this long for a whole season! I’ll certainly be watching […]

  4. @Raph: Thanks. And cancel those airline reservations – Haruhi has returned!

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