What a night. What a night!

My first major concert experience was a real blast. Both performers far exceeded my expectations, and so did my camera – a simple point and shooter that nonetheless allowed me to take some great clips of the event.

Speaking of clips, here’s the grand finale when both Cook and Archuleta appeared onstage for the first – and only – time during the concert. I gave my sister the clip, and she (not wanting to run afoul of the producers over copyright and whatnot) significantly downgraded the video quality before uploading. It’s not nearly as good as the original, but I hope it gives some idea of how awesome the event was.

(Sorry for the vibrations, occasional jerking and so on; things were getting quite rowdy at that point with everyone jostling for a better view. I was standing on my seat and I had some difficulty keeping the camera stable.)

I’ll have a full report out in a few days. Cheerio.