Pre-concert jitters


I’m attending tonight’s Cook+Archuleta back-to-back live concert with my brother and sister. Imouto-chan is the only real fan among the three of us; the other lad and I are tagging along because our mum very kindly paid for pricey seats just a stone’s throw away from the stage and we’re smart enough not to turn down an expensive gift. (I’d rather take the cash and run, but one can’t have everything.)

I’ve listened to songs from both singers and I look forward to hearing them live. On the other hand, the sort of atmosphere I expect to encounter tonight is something I’d rather avoid.

I’ve been to concerts before, but they’re of the recital or instrumental kind where the atmosphere tends to be decidedly more sedate. This time around, we’ll have a major rock star and an international pop idol on stage so the venue will be filled not with well-behaved students or music connoiseurs quietly nodding along to choral masterpieces, but tens of thousands of people screaming themselves hoarse and scrambling over each other to get a better view of their heroes. Even though I’d rather park myself firmly in my seat and watch the performance in polite silence, I’ll have to stand along with everyone else just to keep the stage in view.

Then there are the inevitable safety issues. I’ve seen photographs of the venue and the barriers between each section look rather flimsy; what’s to stop people from breaking into a riot during an emergency or when the concert reaches fever pitch? On the other hand, I trust that there will be enough security personnel on site to keep things under control; all I can do is take note of the nearest emergency escape routes.

Then there’s the waiting time. To get a good parking spot and avoid the last-minute crush, we’re planning to drive out to the shopping mall next to the venue about six hours before the concert begins. It won’t be a problem for imouto-chan (who plans to join her fellow fangirls in a long round of pre-concert squeeing as soon as we get there), but my brother and I will have to find some way to kill time whilst waiting for the gates to open.

In spite of all that, I look forward to having a pleasant evening, and I’m confident that the two stars of tonight’s show can deliver a performance to remember. If I find the experience worth writing about, I’ll probably blog about it within the next few days or so.


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