Pre-concert jitters


I’m attending tonight’s Cook+Archuleta back-to-back live concert with my brother and sister. Imouto-chan is the only real fan among the three of us; the other lad and I are tagging along because our mum very kindly paid for pricey seats just a stone’s throw away from the stage and we’re smart enough not to turn down an expensive gift. (I’d rather take the cash and run, but one can’t have everything.)

I’ve listened to songs from both singers and I look forward to hearing them live. On the other hand, the sort of atmosphere I expect to encounter tonight is something I’d rather avoid.

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The end of Haruhi-chan?

The ED for Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu is now available for viewing on YouTube.

So, does this mean that the adventures of Haruhi-chan are over? And what does this mean for the elusive second season of the main series?

I have no idea. Trying to second-guess the machinations of the Dark Kadokawa Empire only tends to invite further grief, so if this really is the end then I’ll clap my hands and wait for further instructions from our overlords.

Spring anime mid-season report – now live on Wolf Hurricane


We’ve now reached the mid-point of the current anime season, so it’s high time I aired out a few thoughts on Wolf Hurricane.

My report covers Eden of the East, Hayate no Gotoku!!, K-ON!, Shangri-La, and Saki. Click here to access the post.