Want to sell me an anime series? Here’s how.

Writing on The Scrumptious Anime Blog, usagijen explores the pitfalls of championing a favourite series. Her conclusion reads thus:

More than pimping or “going out of my way” to convince other people to watch what I’m enjoying and shoving it down their throat, I’d rather enjoy it, talk about what I find amazing about it, and that’s it. It’s up to you to join in the said experience and bask in what it has to offer.

All in all, a very good approach; it’s certainly better than losing sleep over why those blasted so-called friends aren’t squealing with shameless delight over *name of series* which I took the trouble of recommending to them. But there are times when one feels so strongly about a particular series that preaching about it almost becomes a moral imperative, much like how one is tempted to scream to all and sundry how “you’ve got to watch this movie!” or “you need to read this book!”. (Which I find really annoying, by the way, so don’t do it if I’m within earshot.)

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