Japan 2009 Highlights

It’s been over a month since I returned from Japan, and in that time I’ve only managed to write posts covering two days of my twelve-day journey. Since I’m now preparing to jump back into the labour pool after nearly half a year of blissful voluntary redundancy (note: being a useless layabout is nice but raking in cold, hard cash is even nicer), it’s unlikely that the backlog will see a lot of trimming down within the near future.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to speed things up a bit by introducing a new regular feature: Japan 2009 Highlights. Each post in this series will be devoted to a specific landmark or destination on my trip, which means that I should be able to roll them out faster since I won’t need to describe everything that happened on a given day.

I’ll keep issuing individual daily reports without committing myself to a fixed schedule. My plan (as it currently stands) is to provide links in each daily report to all related posts in the Japan 2009 Highlights series. For example, the daily report for 30 March will contain a link to the Highlights post on Nijō Castle since I visited the castle on that day.

For my first Highlights post (due out tomorrow or the day after), we’ll take a look at one of feudal Japan’s greatest surviving fortresses: Himeji Castle.

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