Eve no Jikan 04 now streaming on Yahoo! Japan


The fourth installment of Eve no Jikan – titled NAMELESS – is now streaming on Yahoo! Japan (playable only on computers with Japanese IP addresses). According to the official website, this episode will be made available worldwide via Crunchyroll from 10AM Japan Standard Time on Sunday, 03 May.

In related news, Anime News Network recently reported that the entire series will be screened in Japanese cinemas after production on the first season wraps up. This is the first time I’ve heard of seasonal references to the ONA project, and it’s certainly music to my ears as it raises the prospect of more Eve no Jikan goodness beyond the six acts currently planned.

Tip of the hat to icie for the much-appreciated reminder. I’ve known about the 01 May release date for some time but it completely slipped my mind.

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Ekiben! Ekiben!


If Shiori worked for an ekiben company, she’d win the gold medal hands down.

The Mainichi Daily News reports that GranSta, a shopping facility in Tokyo Station, has announced the winners of its “Ekiben of the Year” awards.

As for the tasty treat that landed the title of top lunch, I’ll let the article and its colourful photo gallery of mouth-watering meals give you the result.

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