Now this is my idea of a service shot


Anyone who demands proof of Nagato’s unparalleled awesomeness need only have her stare at them for a few seconds.

No swimsuits. No miniskirts. No nekomimi. No provocative poses. Have them if you must, but they are superfluous to requirements.

Her eyes, her uncompromising demeanour, her freakishly powerful silence are enough to make empires fall, infants sing praise and kings grovel at her feet in awestruck obeisance.

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It’s here.


It’s actually here.

And just as I had predicted, it aired on the 22nd (Japan time).

Now everyone pipe down so I can watch it in peace. Thank you.

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New anime project from Yoshitoshi ABe

Anime News Network (citing BUNKA:EXTEND) reports that Haibane Renmei creator Abe Yoshitoshi is working on a new animation project, titled Desperant. Few details were given when Abe made this disclosure last month, and no announcement was scheduled to be made in Japan until around yesterday. I’m keeping an eye on Abe’s blog in case more information about the project appears within the next few days.

UPDATE (22 May 2009): New post up on the blog. Naturally, I can’t understand much of it – but I’m going through it carefully in the hope that my limited knowledge of moonspeak will allow me to digest at least some of the text. In any case, I expect someone with better language skills will pick up on this soon, so let’s just wait.

FURTHER UPDATE (22 May 2009): Yes, it’s official – we can look forward to a new series. There’s been a minor screw-up with the title, though: it should be Despera, short for “Desperado”. Tip of the hat to ANN. (Apparently, a lot of the same people who worked on Serial Experiments Lain will return for the project – although I’m not sure what that implies since I haven’t seen SEL.)

Haruhi Season 2 starts on 24 May???


Read the full report on Anime News Network.

If untrue, come 24 May let’s all fly to Kadokawa’s corporate headquarters and seriously trash the place. If true, then the guesswork I made on 01 May (click here to read the original post) turns out to be correct after all:

Sasa no Ha Rhapsody will probably appear as one of the side stories in the second season.

The new episodes produced for the second season will probably be mixed into the “rebroadcast” of the first season.

If the chronological ordering of the Suzumiya Haruhi light novel series is strictly observed and the two preceding inferences are correct, the first episode of the new season will probably be an adaptation of Sasa no Ha Rhapsody and will probably air on 22 May or shortly thereafter, by which time – based on the 03 April start date of the “rebroadcast” – a gap will exist in the light novel material already covered by the first season. [emphases added]

Now comes the difficult part: waiting for hard evidence. The Dark Kadokawa Empire cannot be trusted by its word alone.

What a night. What a night!

My first major concert experience was a real blast. Both performers far exceeded my expectations, and so did my camera – a simple point and shooter that nonetheless allowed me to take some great clips of the event.

Speaking of clips, here’s the grand finale when both Cook and Archuleta appeared onstage for the first – and only – time during the concert. I gave my sister the clip, and she (not wanting to run afoul of the producers over copyright and whatnot) significantly downgraded the video quality before uploading. It’s not nearly as good as the original, but I hope it gives some idea of how awesome the event was.

(Sorry for the vibrations, occasional jerking and so on; things were getting quite rowdy at that point with everyone jostling for a better view. I was standing on my seat and I had some difficulty keeping the camera stable.)

I’ll have a full report out in a few days. Cheerio.

Pre-concert jitters


I’m attending tonight’s Cook+Archuleta back-to-back live concert with my brother and sister. Imouto-chan is the only real fan among the three of us; the other lad and I are tagging along because our mum very kindly paid for pricey seats just a stone’s throw away from the stage and we’re smart enough not to turn down an expensive gift. (I’d rather take the cash and run, but one can’t have everything.)

I’ve listened to songs from both singers and I look forward to hearing them live. On the other hand, the sort of atmosphere I expect to encounter tonight is something I’d rather avoid.

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The end of Haruhi-chan?

The ED for Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu is now available for viewing on YouTube.

So, does this mean that the adventures of Haruhi-chan are over? And what does this mean for the elusive second season of the main series?

I have no idea. Trying to second-guess the machinations of the Dark Kadokawa Empire only tends to invite further grief, so if this really is the end then I’ll clap my hands and wait for further instructions from our overlords.