Methinks Kagami doth protest too much


Prithee, good sirrah, take heed of these glad tidings which unto thine ears I hasten to bear.

I learned, a little too late to take part in the festivities, that yesterday was Talk Like Shakespeare Day. (It still is, depending on one’s time zone.) We’ve had unofficial observances of this kind before – remember International Talk Like a Pirate Day? – but another calendar-filler can’t do any harm, especially when the person on the other end of the conversation doesn’t realise that “clamperton” is an insult.

And if you’ve got loads of time on your hands, waste some of it by editing a softsub or two to make your favourite anime characters spout Elizabethanisms like the Bard himself. (Got no softsubs? Try scrubbing out and rewriting manga dialogue bubbles.) Hearing – or rather reading – Kyon reprimand Haruhi with a fancy “What hath thee wrought!” would be a refreshing change from the usual.

Now if thou wouldst kindly give me leave, I must hie me off to pare down mine growing anime backlog, for in sooth it shall not by itself be watchéd. And if thou wilt not, then I say thou art cupshot and fie on thee, shandy rapscallion!

Exeunt omnes.

2 Responses

  1. If I tried celebrating this “holiday” for any extended period of time (over 20 seconds), I think I’d quickly embarrass myself by devolving to sounding like a generic snobbish Brit. Actually, that would probably happen on Talk Like A Pirate Day too!

  2. @kadian1364: Yea, verily! Anyone trying to sound like an Elizabethan wannabe in public is just asking for trouble. (Heck, I’d be tempted to throw eggs at him myself.)

    On the other hand, I have no such qualms when protected by the relative anonymity of the Internet. Had I known about this pseudo-holiday well in advance, I’d have brushed up on enough Shakespeareanisms to write a complete post that the Bard might have understood.

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