Care to guess where I am right now?

Here’s a hint.


More later. 😉

UPDATE (26 March 2009): Sorry for the lack of a follow-up to this post. Sightseeing and its after-effects (sore feet, weary legs, fingers ready to drop off from the chilly spring air) took up most of my time, leaving very little room for updates. I’ll see if I can put something out after I return to my hotel this evening. In any case, I intend to write out a series of detailed, richly illustrated reports as soon as I get home, so please look forward to that. Cheerio.

10 Responses

  1. Oh yeah! Let the dango be with you 😛

  2. Hmmm… That’s a hard one. I say Korea! No wait, India! =P

  3. This is a trick question isn’t it? Probably… Paris?

  4. @Kitsune: Lots of dango in Akiba, if you can believe it. The character-themed kind, that is.

    @Xcomp: That’s right – as of this moment I’m riding high on top of an elephant, munching on curry and waving my arms in salute like a spoiled maharajah. 😉

    @Yamcha: That’s right, too – the elephant in question is now lumbering down the Champs Elysee, although I spy a bit of traffic down by the Arc de Triomphe – hope it doesn’t panic and throw me off its back . . .


    Have fun 😉

  6. @Zeroblade: If I were asking this question two weeks from now, you’d win the grand prize!

    And thanks, I’m certainly having lots of fun. So much fun, in fact, that my hurting feet are wondering what they’ve done to deserve it. 😉

  7. @Diego: If I were asking this question two weeks from now, you’d win the grand prize!

    I knew that being in Japan can be a shocking and, sometimes, traumatic experience, but I didn’t know that it can make people talk to themselves 😛

  8. @Kitsune: Well spotted. 😉 Here comes the whiteout!

  9. That photo looks “shopped” to me….

    I mean, what the hell is “New Tokyo Narita International Airport, located 60 km northeast of downtown”?

    And what is this… “google” or “wikipedia” I keep hearing about?

  10. @H8gwb: “Google”? “Wikipedia”? I’ve heard rumours – just rumours, mind you – that they’re international organisations hell-bent on controlling all of the world’s information. Ask them the right questions and they’ll tell you anything you want – like how the French lost Waterloo because the Duke of Sandwich blew up Napoleon with a howitzer.

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