Four more days . . .

. . . before Diego jets off to the land of Tsuruya-sama’s birth for a two-week holiday.

(NB: I am studiously avoiding the use of the trite appellation “Land of the Bright Yellow Orb Cresting the Horizon” [hackneyed section deleted and replaced], which annoys me to no end from sheer overuse. Be prepared for a lot of alternative monikers such as “Land of Irresistible Nendoroids”, “Land of Raw Fish on Rice”, plain old “Japan” and so forth.)

Quite likely this blog will remain dormant until I return from my trip, for any number of reasons: I’m having trouble getting a decent internet link, I’m too busy taking pictures of Japanese manhole covers, my hand is stuck in a vending machine, I simply can’t be bothered to update, etc., etc. On the other hand, if the hotels I’ve booked really do have what they say they have (i.e., “high-speed internet”, as advertised) and I can spare the time after each hard day of gawking at gardens and shrines, I’d like to post a brief nightly update describing what I’ve been up to during the previous 24 hours. Detailed, fully-illustrated write-ups will have to wait until after I fly home.

That’s all for the moment; I must get back to my packing. Cheerio.

8 Responses

  1. That’s great! Have fun! 🙂

    Just remember, don’t get involved with any naked men with weird cell phones 😛

    I look forward to your reports and photographs 🙂

  2. Ohh, great!! Let loose the otaku inside and have fun! (though I think that already goes without saying XD)

  3. Have fun! And sneak some photos if you do manage to get into the Studio Rikka screening!

  4. @Kitsune: If I see one, I’ll push him into a gutter and run madly in the opposite direction.

    @usagijen: Let’s just hope the otaku inside knows how to stick to a budget!

    @icie: Will do. In any case, I won’t know for sure that they’ve sold out until I get to Tokyo, so up to the moment they slam the gate in my face there’s still hope!

  5. Itte’rasshai~ Have fun!

    Lets see what perspectives you end up seeing the sites from once you’re there =P

  6. Ha! Reading your number of reasons made me smile. Have a great time. Thanks for the info for getting the 5 centimeters movie. I’ve decided to ask an uncle who’s going to Hong Kong soon to try to find me the version with the postcards since I need english subtitles:P

  7. Hey Sir…

    How are you doing?

    Hehhe… well, its the busy season so i can’t regularly visit your blog… hehehe…

    Anyway, have fun there!!!

  8. @Xcomp: Thanks. I only wish I’d had the photography training to properly capture my new perspectives as I see them!

    @Patricia: My best wishes – I hope he’ll find one for you. Also, I’d be grateful if you could tell me more about the contents of the DVD set when you get it. I’m especially curious about the quality of the English subtitles. If they’re up to standard, it may be worth recommending the Hong Kong set to Shinkai fans who can’t get their hands on ADV’s out-of-print release.

    @PandA: Hmm, so it’s that time of year again. 😉 Well, my very best wishes to you and all the chaps at the firm.

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