I propose a toast – in honour of Shinkai Makoto

Global Shinkai Day is here! Regrettably, this poor fellow can’t join the festivities just yet, seeing as how he’s got an appointment in the morning and (possibly) a parish meeting in the afternoon.

In any case, there should be just enough time between those two engagements for a quick toast in honour of the master. This is what I intend to say before taking the first sip:

To Shinkai Makoto.

May he be given many more years in which to practise his craft, for the enjoyment and edification of all.


With no sherry or port on hand, I imagine I’ll have to do the libations with either milk or apple juice. 😉 There’s my father’s collection of well-aged vintages of course, but he’ll tear me to pieces if he sees so much as a single cork out of place.

More details on my Global Shinkai Day participation later. Cheerio.