Haruhi-chan? Better than expected – and beware the OP! Churuya-san? Meh.

The first episodes of the “official parodies” Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu and Nyoro-n Churuya-san have been streamed on YouTube. Raw and officially subtitled versions of both videos are available, with no regional viewing restrictions (to my knowledge).

Another tired marketing ploy? A complete waste of time? More cheap fanboy baiting? Perhaps. But with a total running time of just seven minutes (eight if you throw in Haruhi-chan’s lively OP), there’s really no excuse for anyone to hold back from wasting some infinitesimally minuscule portion of their lives on what, for all we know, might turn out to be the only new SOS Dan-linked treat we’ll ever catch this year.

Besides, that darned OP is now bouncing about the inside of my cranium like a troupe of diseased leprechauns. I’d like you to suffer the same fate.


Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsuepisode 1 (no English subs) / episode 1 (with English subs) / opening sequence (separate video file)

Nyoro-n Churuya-sanepisode 1 (no English subs) / episode 1 (with English subs)

9 Responses

  1. It was… interesting. Nice of them to include the English subs.

  2. Haven’t watch this, though I do like the manga. 🙂

  3. @Paul: It’s a nice enough diversion from the fact that Season 2 is still nowhere in sight.

    @Legionarion Conquistadorz: Watch ’em! As far as the original 4koma goes, Churuya-san is spot-on identical. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it less than Haruhi-chan, which I haven’t read before.

  4. You were totally right… the OP is dangerous…

  5. @g0rth0r: I must have replayed it more than a dozen times on the same day I first heard it. Oh, the agony . . .

  6. Nyoro-n Churuya-san episode was so sad… They didn’t give any cheese to her T_T

  7. I’ve been under a rock for a while and didn’t know about these webisodes until this post. I’ll check them out in a bit for great justice.

  8. @Kitsune: Given that her recurring failure to obtain the cheese of her dreams is one of the series’ main plot devices, I fear the sadness will persist for a very long time.

    @Yamcha: Highly recommended. It won’t satisfy any Season 2 cravings, but it’s good for a quick fix.

  9. […] February 2009 – The first episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu and Nyoro-n Churuya-san are streamed on YouTube. Raw and English-subtitled versions are made available to viewers, along with a separate video […]

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