I propose a toast – in honour of Shinkai Makoto

Global Shinkai Day is here! Regrettably, this poor fellow can’t join the festivities just yet, seeing as how he’s got an appointment in the morning and (possibly) a parish meeting in the afternoon.

In any case, there should be just enough time between those two engagements for a quick toast in honour of the master. This is what I intend to say before taking the first sip:

To Shinkai Makoto.

May he be given many more years in which to practise his craft, for the enjoyment and edification of all.


With no sherry or port on hand, I imagine I’ll have to do the libations with either milk or apple juice. 😉 There’s my father’s collection of well-aged vintages of course, but he’ll tear me to pieces if he sees so much as a single cork out of place.

More details on my Global Shinkai Day participation later. Cheerio.

Diego’s plans for Global Shinkai Day


In my little corner of the world, Global Shinkai Day 2009 will be a quiet affair centred on a chronological private DVD viewing of Shinkai Makoto’s four main works: Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko; Hoshi no Koe; Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho; and Byousoku 5 Centimeter. I had originally intended to do a marathon viewing, but I decided that it probably wasn’t feasible to fit a continuous screening into my schedule so I shall watch the films separately as time permits during 27-28 February.

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The scent of a memory: Reflections on a scene from Clannad ~After Story~ 19


A very brief scene, but one that I find more touching than most.

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Haruhi-chan? Better than expected – and beware the OP! Churuya-san? Meh.

The first episodes of the “official parodies” Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu and Nyoro-n Churuya-san have been streamed on YouTube. Raw and officially subtitled versions of both videos are available, with no regional viewing restrictions (to my knowledge).

Another tired marketing ploy? A complete waste of time? More cheap fanboy baiting? Perhaps. But with a total running time of just seven minutes (eight if you throw in Haruhi-chan’s lively OP), there’s really no excuse for anyone to hold back from wasting some infinitesimally minuscule portion of their lives on what, for all we know, might turn out to be the only new SOS Dan-linked treat we’ll ever catch this year.

Besides, that darned OP is now bouncing about the inside of my cranium like a troupe of diseased leprechauns. I’d like you to suffer the same fate.


Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsuepisode 1 (no English subs) / episode 1 (with English subs) / opening sequence (separate video file)

Nyoro-n Churuya-sanepisode 1 (no English subs) / episode 1 (with English subs)

Putting “Kotoba!” through its paces


The best part about owning an iPod Touch (or an iPhone, for those lucky enough to live in places where it isn’t sold at an extortionate premium) is being able to download all those clever applications that keep marching onto the virtual shelves of the iTunes App Store. From war games to financial tools to the complete works of Shakespeare, there’s bound to be an app for almost any requirement somewhere in the App Store’s massive 20,000++ item catalogue. What’s more, some of the best apps are available at no cost to the user.

Today, we’re throwing the spotlight on a free dictionary app that students of the Japanese language will find useful: Pierre-Philippe di Costanzo’s Kotoba!.

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So this is where Rikuo’s been going lately . . .


I stumbled upon the Custom Receipt Maker through another site and was eager to give it a go.

Some notes:
* I haven’t the foggiest idea how much a cup of Evlend costs. (I just pulled these prices out of the blue.)
* The receipt generator won’t accept Japanese characters. (I tried.)
* You can type in any currency you want for the itemised prices, but the total will be displayed only in dollars. (You can choose not to generate a total in the first place.)

New J-drama Review Alert! – Attention Please

What does it take to turn this . . .


. . . into this?


Hop on over to Wolf Hurricane for the full text of my review of the 2006 Japanese comedy series Attention Please.