Goodbye, 2008 – and thank you.


In my corner of the world, 2008 is on its last legs. A few hours more and calendars will be turned, countdowns will cease and the streets will explode in a riotous frenzy of celebration. (I hate that part – firecrackers and me don’t mix.) As I write this, our kitchen is a hive of activity with vast quantities of fresh produce being processed into a midnight feast worthy of the occasion. Once more proving that not everyone is born with the right to sing in public, the family across the street – including one evil child with a voice that could’ve blown out the windows in President Bush’s limousine – is busy massacring popular songs on a karaoke machine while everyone within a quarter mile of their garage cringes in silent horror. From somewhere in the distance, a few early birds have begun to loose volleys of fireworks to welcome the new year, and the acrid scent of gunpowder starts to suffuse the cool evening air.

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