Diego’s winter anime viewing list


The winter anime season is ALWAYS AWESOME. Not convinced? jpmeyer lays out the facts, and j1m0ne has a few choice words on the matter.

So, now that we’ve established the fact of the awesome winter season’s sheer awesomeness, I’m pleased to present my complete viewing list for this awesomely awesome season.

  • Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou
  • But Diego, Diego! How can you possibly go through this list and keep up with ongoing series? Fret not, my friends. Word on the street is that the Big Scientist Guys who control the world’s clocks are adding a whole second (!) to 2008, which means that I’ll have more than enough time to burn through the backlog accumulated from the fall and earlier seasons – leaving me with a clean slate for the awesome winter season.

    Bring it on, I say! Bring it on!

    Okay, seriously now, the winter season sucks. Always has, always will. There are a few other shows I may or may not try out (such as Genji Monogatari Sennenki), and of course I’ll do my usual harvest of OVAs/ONAs (including fresh installments of ongoing series like Eve no Jikan), but other than the continuing exploits of Nyanko-sensei & Kid the coming season has utterly failed to pique my interest.

    If you’re putting together your own viewing list, I can recommend the following sites for reference purposes.
    hashihime – Loads of information and links to official sites.
    j1m0ne’s blog – Probably the best seiyuu-oriented winter season guide out there.
    THAT Animeblog – They’re awesome. Enough said.

    UPDATE (03 January 2010): Click here to read the 2010 edition of this post. Looks like Winter 2010 will be twice as awesome as 2009! (Which really isn’t saying much.)

    5 Responses

    1. Oh my… a second! Well, even a second can feel like eternity under some conditions 😛

      The thing with the Winter season is that I’ll have to cover 2.3 shows that will continue from the Fall (26 episodes).

      Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I’ll be able to read Genji before the anime airing because I am busy with manuscript writing now… I will blog about it though.

      I am cautious about others Winter shows now after watching Maria Holic and will withhold any further commitments.

      Also I am working on a comprehensive list of Winter season shows, similar to the one I did for the Fall season anime. I’ll post it tomorrow probably.

    2. It’s usually an awesome fall followed by a substandard winter :<

    3. lol the winter season does suck and it was hard for me to pick, luckily Skip Beat is still airing and isn’t it sad that winter is the longest season of the year. well to me it is.

    4. @Kitsune: No worries – I doubt anyone will be able to read that one-tonne novel in time for the first airdate. I may give it a shot though.

      @Zeroblade: True. I’m guessing all the good animators and scriptwriters go into hibernation during this time of year.

      @Maura: My sympathies for the long winter. In my corner of the world we only have two seasons – wet and dry – so technically, winter doesn’t even exist. 😉

    5. […] winter season’s awesomely awesome awesomeness was established with compelling finality in last year’s winter season write-up, so we need not ask ourselves why the title should not more worthily be conferred upon spring, […]

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