I am seriously concerned . . .

. . . for the health of Kannagi creator Takenashi Eri.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery. I sincerely hope that the very dark rumour floated just a few hours ago turns out to be nothing more than that.

UPDATE (21:21): Sankaku Complex reports that Takenashi-sensei is on the road to recovery and that the Kannagi manga series will resume at some point in the future. Looks like I can rest easy tonight, after all!

5 Responses

  1. He’ll be fine. The problem was very clear. Some otaku overreacted to virginity issue and used some Voodoo magic along with other nasty spells on him. What they didn’t know is that Nagi-sama was full aware of all this mischief and quickly purified poor writer 🙂

  2. Kitsune: Said manga-ka is a female, just to let you know. But I do feel relaxed about the situation as well. :3

  3. Oh, thanks for mentioning that 🙂 For some reason I was sure that the author is a male…

  4. Fufufu… more delicious Tsugumi to come 🙂

  5. @Kitsune: I’ll pull some strings and have a team of elite Bonta-kun commandos posted round her house. Some of those rabid fanboys might make another attempt on her life, so it’s best not to take any chances. 😉

    @TheBigN: I share your relief.

    @ffviiknight: Unless she becomes the next target of a fanboy voodoo attack.

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