I am seriously concerned . . .

. . . for the health of Kannagi creator Takenashi Eri.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery. I sincerely hope that the very dark rumour floated just a few hours ago turns out to be nothing more than that.

UPDATE (21:21): Sankaku Complex reports that Takenashi-sensei is on the road to recovery and that the Kannagi manga series will resume at some point in the future. Looks like I can rest easy tonight, after all!

Change in publication programme


From now on, all of my DVD reviews will be published exclusively on the group blog Wolf Hurricane. Every time I post a fresh review there, a “new review alert” describing the subject of the post and providing a link to the site will go up here.

As for the subject of my next review (which is currently being readied for publication), here’s a teaser link.