Saimoe 2008: The triumph of the avenger

All I can say is: Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

In the epic Duel of the Twins that marked the end of Saimoe 2008, Lucky Star‘s Kagami emerged triumphant over her younger sister Tsukasa to take the crown of victory 1037-976. Unlike most of the previous battles, the outcome of the final match was far from certain for much of the day, with the hourly results showing frequent overlaps and the slimmest possible margins. A clear advantage in Kagami’s favour only began to emerge sometime after 7 PM, and Tsukasa’s supporters virtually closed that gap as voting entered its final agonising hour – but in the end, the elder sister’s minions came through for her and propelled her to victory on a 61-point margin.

I wish I could turn out something more substantial to top off this year’s Saimoe coverage, but I’m pressed for time at the moment so this brief write-up is all I can give for now. Though I’m really itching to compose something similar to the “epic” that reported the results of the Battle of the 30th.


3 Responses

  1. Ah, looks like it was very close. People prefer tsundere afterall… It is time for Hidamari people to pause and reflect to prepare for the next battle 😛

  2. I was pulling for Tsukasa, but at least it was pretty close.

  3. @Kitsune: HSx365 started airing on 03 July, which means Yuno and Company are eligible for Saimoe 2009. You’re right – the Miyako Brigades need to start preparing!

    @Yamcha: I may be an onee-chan partisan, but I was actually expecting a Tsukasa win. Even if imouto-chan did take the crown in the end, I would’ve been quite content now that the Dark Legions of Dangoland have been utterly routed.

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