Saimoe 2008: The Duel of the Twins is nigh

It appears that Nagisa’s final curse has come to pass.

In the Battle of the 31st, Lucky Star‘s Tsukasa sustained an early lead against Hayate no Gotoku‘s Hinagiku to win a spot in the finals of Saimoe 2008, 1137-1096 – a margin of just 41 votes. The hourly chart shows that the gap between the two contenders narrowed to virtually nothing just before midnight, yet even that late surge in Hinagiku votes failed to thwart her opponent.

Which means that come 2nd November, we will have an epic Duel of the Twins between the Hiiragi sisters.

I can’t wait.

4 Responses

  1. I go for Kagami ^__^.


  3. It’s unanimous, then. (So far at least.)

  4. Ah, the battle of the siblings…Moe or tsundere: who will be victorious? Since it is a moe tournament, I am going to break the consensus and say: バルサミコス! 😛

    The entire battle has been leaked already actually…. 😉

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