Not feeling any wiser

I just had a wisdom tooth pulled out today. The anaesthetic that was injected into my mouth right before surgery is still keeping the worst of the pain away, but that will soon wear off and I will be left with the distinct – and very unpleasant – feeling that I’ve just had my gums sliced open, part of my jawbone drilled away and a troublesome tooth yanked out against its will.

Time for a healing dose of eye candy.

I’m feeling better already.

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  1. Yeah, those things are scary… I have to remove third molars soon too lol

    I hope you’ll feel better and recover soon 🙂 Here is a touch of despair to help you 😛

  2. Thanks to my braces and the removal of four teeth beforehand, mine should hopefully slide out without much worries \o/

  3. Luckily, I’ve never had my wisdom teeth taken out. I’ve had too many others one taken out when I was young though.

    Ryou… I mean, ice cream makes everything better.

  4. My sister had to get four teeth out for her braces but my mum wouldn’t let the dentist do that, but her teeth are still okay with the braces lol

  5. @Kitsune: Good luck with that. (^_^) Actually, the procedure itself wasn’t so bad – my oral surgeon pumped in about two vials of anaesthetic so I felt very little pain. The worst of it came some hours after, and even then the painkillers kept things quite tolerable.

    @Zeroblade: Hmm, my sister has braces but she never mentioned having any teeth pulled to get them installed. Now I’m all curious. 😉

    @Micchi: Interestingly, the post-operative instruction sheet my surgeon handed me specifically recommended a diet of cold, soft food – including ice cream.

    If I ever put up a hospital, the walls will be plastered with Ryou posters and there will be an all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet on every floor.

    @blissmo: Now I’m really curious about the four-teeth-out-then-braces-in procedure. Imouto-chan is in for quite a grilling tonight.

  6. My wisdom tooth just suddenly stopped growing one day… it got stunted it seems. Not sure if it’ll grow again, but I hope not D:

    Hope you feel better! Also, ice cream as remedy? yum~

  7. […] it went well, but the worst is still to come. Since I do feel some pain, I’ll follow Diego’s advice to pursue cuteness overload Kitties to the […]

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