Saimoe 2008: I’ve used up the line I was quoting from so no fancy title for this one

A match between two kendo club captains ends in another disappointment. (For me, that is.)

The Battle of the 28th ends with Hayate no Gotoku‘s Hinagiku winning over Bamboo Blade‘s Kirino 934-750, ending the Muroe High kendo team’s hopes of securing this year’s Saimoe championship. The race was pretty much neck-and-neck until about 5 AM, when Hinagiku’s early lead started to widen, and from then on it was an easy journey to victory (hour-by-hour results here).

It’s interesting how the aggregate number of votes cast in each of the recent matches appears to describe a steady downward trend. Over 2,300 votes were cast in each of the two contests held on the 19th. On the 25th, the tally fell short of the 2,000 mark. For last night’s match, the total didn’t even touch 1,700. Whether it’s a lack of interest in the contenders themselves or in the contest as a whole, or whether people are simply waiting for the Great Battle of 02 November to cast their ballots, isn’t clear at this point.

So, we have a two-day break before the first semifinal match begins. Let’s pause for a well-earned breather.


Incidentally, this was the line I was quoting piecemeal in the titles of the last few posts.

The proud do not endure, they are like a dream on a spring night; the mighty fall at last, they are as dust before the wind.

It’s the second line in the opening section of the Heike Monogatari, as translated by Helen Craig McCullough. One of my favourite quotes, and the theme of battle in these recent posts gave me a chance to use it.

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  1. Less characters to vote for, less people voting I guess.

    Heike monogatari sounds like an epic story 🙂 Thank you for mentioning it, I have to read it sometime 🙂

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