Saimoe 2008: Like a dream on a spring night

Let this year henceforth be known as Annus Horribilis.

In the Battle of the 26th, the Seventh War of Saimoe, Bamboo Blade‘s Tamaki, Pride of the Nation, Beloved of the People, Emissary of Heaven, did fall to the spite and venom of CLANNAD‘s Nagisa, the Accursed, the Deceiver, the Temptress. For despite falling behind in votes for most of the day (as set forth in the hour-by-hour account here), Nagisa – may Melkor take her! – did summon forth from the utter depths of Dangoland her evil hordes of dango acolytes, who from the tenth hour of night did cast unto her their votes, and did carry her unto victory 953-891; woe to the world and to all the generations yet to come!

O sweet Kagami, Warrior of Might, Victor of the 25th! We who mourn now call upon thee to vanquish Nagisa, Dread Queen of Darkness, in the great and terrible Battle of the 30th. Let her taste the sword of our retribution; let her fall to the righteousness of our vengeance!


Note to Nagisa fans: Please keep the words ‘tongue in cheek’ in mind while reading this. No real vitriol intended. 😉

2 Responses

  1. Annus Horribilis! lol

    Damn those dango acolytes! They come out at night when servants of truth and justice are sound asleep! How evil of them! 😛

  2. @Kitsune: A Kagami win at the Battle of the 30th would take away some of the pain at Tama-chan’s loss. I’m also somewhat mollified by Tsukasa’s win today over that crazy starfish woman whom I won’t bother to name.

    Now a Kirino win tomorrow – that would really help make up for things.

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