Saimoe 2008: Dust before the wind

We come to it at last.

Many have fought. Now only eight remain.

Of these, who shall wrest the golden crown of victory from the stingy hands of the vulgar otaku mob?

Interestingly, my own choices are all on the left side of each block in the Saimoe 2008 Final Eight match-up diagram:

  • Battle of the 25th: Lucky Star’s Kagami vs CLANNAD’s Tomoyo
  • Battle of the 26th: Bamboo Blade’s Tamaki vs CLANNAD’s Nagisa
  • Battle of the 27th: Lucky Star’s Tsukasa vs CLANNAD’s Fuuko
  • Battle of the 28th: Bamboo Blade’s Kirino vs Hayate no Gotoku’s Hinagiku
  • 3 Responses

    1. My money is on a Kagami vs. Tsukasa finish with Kagami winning it all this year.

    2. Heh, looks like CLANNAD overload…

    3. @Yamcha: The Battle of the Twins. Now that’s a match worth seeing.

      Where my own preferences are concerned, I’d rather see one or both of the Bamboo Blade finalists make it all the way to the end – and none of the CLANNAD cast.

      @Kitsune: Overload indeed. Methinks the Dangoland crew have done far better than they deserve.

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