Just a thought . . .

I think this blog is in serious need of a theme renovation.

Tarski has served me in good stead since ディエゴの日々 was born, but I’d like to see something new for a change. Something that doesn’t require any code tweaking since I’ve got zero talent in the programming department.

Blix looks nice, and so does Digg 3 Column. I’ll probably end up choosing between those two unless another theme grabs my attention.

UPDATE (18 October 2008): I’m currently giving Digg 3 Column a trial run. So far so good. But here’s a question: how the heck do I get rid of the “Categories” list? It isn’t even on my “Current Widgets” list so I can’t remove it in the usual way.

FURTHER UPDATE (18 October 2008): A kind soul helped me resolve the “Categories” issue on the help forums, and now everything looks as it should. I think this theme’s a keeper.

7 Responses

  1. Yay! New theme! I like that image from Haibane Renmei 🙂

    It is really weird that you can’t remove Categories O_o Usually, you just go to widgets and delete it….

  2. Hm… for some reason I just don’t feel at home with the theme. Maybe give it a few more visits to sink in…

  3. @Kitsune: Problem solved, thanks to the help forums! As for the header, I’m thinking of making Haibane Renmei the primary source of header images for this blog, in order to provide a sense of continuity.

    @Zeroblade: I may still give Blix or some other theme a shot, but try to let this one sink in fast because I rather like it. 😉

  4. Hmmm… Copycat! LOL, J/K. I really need to find the time to write up my own theme sometime.

  5. @Xcomp: Ah. Then perhaps I should slap on the following disclaimer –

    “Any resemblance to another blog theme, living or dead or somewhere in between, is purely coincidental, and in any case assertions to the contrary cannot be proved in a court of law so don’t bother saying otherwise ahahahahaha.”

    My sincerest apologies. I just woke up from a relaxing Sunday siesta and I’m feeling a little sleep-drugged. Time to jump-start my brain with a little Toradora.

  6. New theme’s looking nice. You may want to remove the calendar and blogroll from the left side as it’s kind of redundant to have them in two places. Maybe shrink the archives section into a dropdown list too…

    Then again if you follow my advice to the letter, Diego no Hibi would probably look like Wolf Hurricane. 😉

  7. @Yamcha: I’ve axed the extra calendar, but I think I’ll stick to the double-blogroll layout for the time being. It keeps all of my links within easy reach whether I’m at the top of the page or near the bottom (say, when I’m hovering near the tail end of a long or comment-rich post).

    Great tip for the archives. I’ll turn it into a drop-down list just as soon as I can find out how – because right now I haven’t the foggiest idea. 😉

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