Sunday miscellanea

Sorry to disappoint, but this post has got nothing to do with curry cup noodles. It’s just that I had some yesterday and I’m still savouring the sweet salty memories.

Off-blog concerns are jumping up to bite me in the usual places, so I’m just popping in to (a) let the readership know that I’m not dead and (b) supply a few tasty updates.

  • For those who aren’t aware of it yet, I’ve joined Yamcha’s group blog Wolf Hurricane as a staff contributor. Our coverage of the fall 2008 season is beginning in earnest, so do swing by and give us a holler in the comboxes.
  • My copy of Right Stuf’s Aria the Animation four-disc R1 DVD box set arrived a couple of days ago. I’m a little too busy at the moment to write a proper review, but expect a brief photo preview shortly.
  • In other DVD news, the first half of FUNimation’s Ghost Hunt R1 DVD release (containing episodes 1 through 13) hit store shelves on 07 October. I already have a copy on order, but it won’t reach me until after the sixth and final volume of Kanon (also from FUNimation) is released on 14 October. To save on postage, I ordered both items at the same time and the retailer will send them to me in a single shipment. Reviews after they arrive (time permitting).
  • Finally, I’m planning a three- or four-day wintertime trip to a certain country up north (you know, the one with four main islands and streets paved with over-priced anime DVDs). Any suggestions for must-see stops in and around the capital? I’d love to swing by the old capital down south – which from the photographs I’ve seen looks splendid draped in snow – but I don’t think I’ll have enough time for that.
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    1. Aww Konata is so kawaii xd

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