When in Japan . . .

. . . do as the JAPANESE do, for goodness’ sake. That means keeping all of one’s clothes on, not throwing rocks at the police, not swimming in the Imperial Palace moat, and not trying to demolish the Emperor’s wall in a desperate bid to evade arrest.

I’m sure glad this lunatic gaijin isn’t from my corner of the world.

Note: The BBC website has sharper footage (with the, um, less family-friendly parts still blurred out) and sans the loud Japanese commentary.

5 Responses

  1. “I’m sure glad this lunatic gaijin isn’t from my corner of the world.”

    How do you know that ?

  2. The Daily Yomiuri Online quoted a police officer as saying that the nude swimmer had identified himself as a 40-year-old Spaniard.

  3. He turned out to be a Briton living in Spain. They released him without charge. I guess he was just a big Japanophile and wanted to see the Imperial Palace first hand that is rarely opened to the public 😛

  4. @Kitsune: Or the Emperor himself. 😉 Apparently the Emperor was in residence, but probably didn’t see the spectacle. I wonder what his reaction would have been if he had.

    “I say, Michiko, a strange man seems to be swimming around naked in our moat.”

    “You’re seeing things, dear. Best to lay off the vintage sake for a while.”

  5. Indeed, he might have had the Emperor himself in mind 🙂

    lol I would not believe this too – it is just too bizarre, but then again, reality is sometimes stranger than fiction….

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