Break from reality

In case you were wondering – and as this post makes quite clear – last weekend’s bout of illness didn’t kill me.

Blogging had to take a back seat for a while as I cleared out my real-life in-tray: working (always a pain), preparing to quit my job (looking forward to that – except for the bit about the paycheques not coming anymore), studying for exams (hence my choice of a header image) and lots of other business I needn’t burden the readership with. This post is just my way of unwinding before I hit the books again.

So, a few updates:

  • The fall anime season has officially begun! First out of the gate (as far as my own viewing list is concerned, anyway) is Clannad ~After Story~. Not exactly the worst of starts, but then again my expectations for this sequel to what I previously described as one of KyoAni’s weaker projects weren’t all that high to begin with. At least the OP was nice: rich, highly evocative visuals paired with a decent song. Can’t say the same about the ED, though. Check out Omni’s screencap-rich write-up on Random Curiosity for a summary and postmortem.
  • Episode 2 of Eve no Jikan is now available on Crunchyroll – with English subtitles. It’s an official release too, not a fansub: Anime News Network reported on this a while back.
  • Old news, but worth mentioning anyway: Bandai Entertainment is releasing Toki o Kakeru Shoujo on Region 1 DVD (street date 18 November). The 2-disc LE version comes with a bonus DVD, the original soundtrack, and an artbox to hold the lot in, all for US$49.98 list. The movie-only version (with some built-in special features of its own) will set you back US$29.98 list. As an inveterate collector (read: idiot who doesn’t know how to manage his own finances), I’ve got my eye on the limited edition.
  • Remember when I asked the readership whether I should get a DS or a PSP? The DS won out in the end and I was all set to buy it – but then my eyes fell on this sweet new toy. (Or, to be precise, my brother shoved my face up against photos of it and quoted specs like an over-excited high-street salesman.) I might end up getting this one instead, or something similar.
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    1. Glad to know you feel better 🙂 I hope you’ll successfully quit your job and start a new life. Good luck on your exams! 🙂

      Fall season is very fruitful indeed. I posted many screenshots on the first episodes of some series, but have not committed to blogging about any of them yet. Hyakko and Kuroshitsuji seem to be the best so far.

    2. There’s more to work than just paycheques! So yeah, hope the next workplace you’ll be in will be much more fulfilling and happier of course.

      Looking forward to buying that Tokikake R1 DVD *__* btw, it’s cheaper in play-asia, it seems, only $42.90 + shipping (cost me about 700 pesos when I ordered a PS2 game there before) :3

      And that sexy Lenovo!! My officemate was just talking about it last week… it’s so tempting… *__*

    3. @Kitsune: Thanks. I’m just waiting for Hyakko to be subbed, then I’ll dive straight in.

      @usagijen: Thanks for the tip! How much does shipping normally cost, if you pick courier service? (I had a really bad experience with EMS once so I’m never choosing that option again.)

      Yeah, that Lenovo looks awesome. Sure, the battery life sucks, but I’m willing to splurge on a six-cell when they start selling those.

    4. The 700pesos is actually the rate for the courier service 😀 I ordered 3 DVDs earlier and the shipping cost me around 600+ with FedEx. UPS is more expensive, though I’m not really sure why x__x; EMS is the most expensive, and since I’ve also had a horrible experience with that, I’m definitely not choosing that either.

      I actually wonder how HMV gets past the customs crap examination… I mean, all my orders there are shipped through EMS, and they’re delivered right to our office, even the DVDs o.O

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