Saimoe 2008: The sword of the avenger

I sing of arms and of a woman:
servant of Themis, handmaiden of Nemesis,
from whose hand the justice of the gods
was dealt. Hear me, O Muse! Let thine ears
embrace the voice of my supplication.
As I drink from the waters of the Kastalian Spring,
assist me in the great labour of this history
that all the unborn ages may know of the terrible battle
that rent the sea and sky, and brought order
to a world mired in chaos.

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Not feeling any wiser

I just had a wisdom tooth pulled out today. The anaesthetic that was injected into my mouth right before surgery is still keeping the worst of the pain away, but that will soon wear off and I will be left with the distinct – and very unpleasant – feeling that I’ve just had my gums sliced open, part of my jawbone drilled away and a troublesome tooth yanked out against its will.

Time for a healing dose of eye candy.

I’m feeling better already.

Saimoe 2008: I’ve used up the line I was quoting from so no fancy title for this one

A match between two kendo club captains ends in another disappointment. (For me, that is.)

The Battle of the 28th ends with Hayate no Gotoku‘s Hinagiku winning over Bamboo Blade‘s Kirino 934-750, ending the Muroe High kendo team’s hopes of securing this year’s Saimoe championship. The race was pretty much neck-and-neck until about 5 AM, when Hinagiku’s early lead started to widen, and from then on it was an easy journey to victory (hour-by-hour results here).

It’s interesting how the aggregate number of votes cast in each of the recent matches appears to describe a steady downward trend. Over 2,300 votes were cast in each of the two contests held on the 19th. On the 25th, the tally fell short of the 2,000 mark. For last night’s match, the total didn’t even touch 1,700. Whether it’s a lack of interest in the contenders themselves or in the contest as a whole, or whether people are simply waiting for the Great Battle of 02 November to cast their ballots, isn’t clear at this point.

So, we have a two-day break before the first semifinal match begins. Let’s pause for a well-earned breather.


Incidentally, this was the line I was quoting piecemeal in the titles of the last few posts.

The proud do not endure, they are like a dream on a spring night; the mighty fall at last, they are as dust before the wind.

It’s the second line in the opening section of the Heike Monogatari, as translated by Helen Craig McCullough. One of my favourite quotes, and the theme of battle in these recent posts gave me a chance to use it.

Saimoe 2008: The proud do not endure

I’ll just lay it out straight: Lucky Star‘s Tsukasa beat CLANNAD‘s Fuuko 1049-894. Ho hum.

The Battle of the 27th will probably go down in history as the least exciting among all the Final Eight matches. For one thing, I don’t particularly care about either of today’s contenders, though I’m quite relieved at the outcome since “Tsukasa >>>>> Crazy Starfish Woman” is an immutable law of nature in my book. Even the hour-by-hour results (click here for the graph) were uneventful, with Tsukasa gaining an early lead and maintaining it all the way to the end of voting.

Still, today’s outcome does raise an interesting possibility: an epic Duel of the Twins between Kagami and Tsukasa. It probably won’t happen, since this match-up can only take place if Kagami defeats Nagisa and Tsukasa defeats tomorrow’s winner (either Kirino or Hinagiku).

Ah well, let’s just move on to tomorrow’s battle and be done with it.

Saimoe 2008: Like a dream on a spring night

Let this year henceforth be known as Annus Horribilis.

In the Battle of the 26th, the Seventh War of Saimoe, Bamboo Blade‘s Tamaki, Pride of the Nation, Beloved of the People, Emissary of Heaven, did fall to the spite and venom of CLANNAD‘s Nagisa, the Accursed, the Deceiver, the Temptress. For despite falling behind in votes for most of the day (as set forth in the hour-by-hour account here), Nagisa – may Melkor take her! – did summon forth from the utter depths of Dangoland her evil hordes of dango acolytes, who from the tenth hour of night did cast unto her their votes, and did carry her unto victory 953-891; woe to the world and to all the generations yet to come!

O sweet Kagami, Warrior of Might, Victor of the 25th! We who mourn now call upon thee to vanquish Nagisa, Dread Queen of Darkness, in the great and terrible Battle of the 30th. Let her taste the sword of our retribution; let her fall to the righteousness of our vengeance!


Note to Nagisa fans: Please keep the words ‘tongue in cheek’ in mind while reading this. No real vitriol intended. 😉

Saimoe 2008: The mighty fall at last

Justice! Vengeance is ours! Let all know that none may escape the arms of Nemesis!

After her treacherous victory over Hidamari Sketch‘s Miyako at the Battle of the 20th, CLANNAD‘s Tomoyo receives her just punishment from the hands of Lucky Star‘s Kagami, who in the Battle of the 25th emerged triumphant with a tally of 1138-790. Kagami came out on top almost from the minute that voting started, maintaining a firm lead that lasted all the way until midnight (hour-by-hour results here).

Saimoe 2008: Dust before the wind

We come to it at last.

Many have fought. Now only eight remain.

Of these, who shall wrest the golden crown of victory from the stingy hands of the vulgar otaku mob?

Interestingly, my own choices are all on the left side of each block in the Saimoe 2008 Final Eight match-up diagram:

  • Battle of the 25th: Lucky Star’s Kagami vs CLANNAD’s Tomoyo
  • Battle of the 26th: Bamboo Blade’s Tamaki vs CLANNAD’s Nagisa
  • Battle of the 27th: Lucky Star’s Tsukasa vs CLANNAD’s Fuuko
  • Battle of the 28th: Bamboo Blade’s Kirino vs Hayate no Gotoku’s Hinagiku