Tsun-tsun-dere, tsun-dere, tsun-tsun . . .

I’m down sick today, so let me toss a little treat out into the blogosphere before I dissolve into yet another fit of coughing.

Annoy the heck out of your friends by repeatedly singing this ditty from the trailer for the upcoming series Yozakura Quartet (starts 02nd October).

7 Responses

  1. You are sick today? 😦 Well, that makes two of us…

    I wish you quick recovery! *gives healing cookie* 🙂

    haha That is a fun song 🙂 Thank you for posting the trailer. Let me respond with another trailer. It does not have any fun songs, but you might like it 😛

  2. The song can’t get out of my head XD… Well, get well soon ^_^

  3. Get well soon, Kitsune and Diego =P

    So, the heroine’s going to be more “tsun” than “dere” judging by the little tune, LOL.

  4. @Kitsune: *eats healing cookie* I feel so much better now. And great response with that trailer – nothing like a touch of despair to drive away the plague.

    @kanzeon: Try listening to “Kaeshite! Knee Socks”. Mercilessly addictive, that one.

    @Xcomp: Well done! I didn’t even notice that until now. And it certainly makes sense, based on what I know from the manga.

  5. Being sick is the pits. Rest up and get well soon.

    To stay related to the title, tsundere response mode!

    “I brought some chicken soup – Don’t get the wrong idea! I had extra…”

  6. “nothing like a touch of despair to drive away the plague.”


    That Tsun song is addictive indeed! Just a reminder: Yozakura Quartet airs this Thursday.

    Well, I also posted previews on those two anime that are coming out next week I mentioned. You have “no comment” on them in your Fall write up so far 😛

  7. TSUN TSUNDERE!! ohwow

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