And today’s guest is . . . ?

Today, I spotted a very special cameo in Episode 11 of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu:

Of course, nothing beats a live appearance.

9 Responses

  1. “live appearance” lol

    Is that a person from Library War?

  2. @Kitsune: Nope – it’s Kino from “Kino no Tabi”.

  3. Ah, I suspected that it was Kino! You really like that anime, don’t you? 🙂

  4. Not having watched Kino or read the novels, I really thought she was a he… until I saw that figurine get released and well, uhm, saw her figure orz. So for me, Kino is a trap (or reverse trap) XD

  5. Reverse trap but a decent character… Very good series Kino no Tabi is. So relaxing yet symbolic.

    I thought I saw a Ranka figurine as well in this episode?

  6. @Kitsune: Yup, one of my personal favourites. The animation style is very simple and it moves along at a relaxed pace, but every episode is loaded with meaning.

    @usagijen: I made the same mistake at the outset, but Episode 4 (I think) soon set the record straight. Just goes to show you can’t trust anyone in our day and age. (T_T)

    @ffviiknight: They sure showed a lot of figures in this one. I’m guessing that except for Dojikko Aki-chan, everything they showed is based on real-life models (like Kino).

  7. Oops! I thought that was Iku from Toshokan Sensou… I’ll try to watch Kino No Tabi, since everyone says it’s quite good.

  8. Lol, some live appearance XD. i really must get on to watch those anime.

  9. @kanzeon: Highly recommended. And once you’re done, grab your own Kino figure for the memories. (^_^)

    @ailieron: She looks a lot better in figure form than in anime form.

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