DS or PSP?

Which of the two is worthy of becoming my new toy?

I can easily afford both, but buying games for two different units will bankrupt me in short order – they’re very expensive here and I will NOT give my custom to bootleggers – so I’ll have to content myself with one of the two (for the time being).

A little help, please!

15 Responses

  1. It depends on what kind of games you like and how important having the best possible graphics is to you. The DS tends to have better original games (The World Ends With You), but there have been some phenomenal ports on the PSP (Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions; Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth). The PSP’s graphics capabilities blow the DS’s out of the water, but I often feel like the DS makes much better use of its more limited hardware than the PSP does with its powerful electronics.

    I think the best way to choose is to research what games you most want to play on each system and go with the hardware for whichever list is longer.

  2. @Lukas: Great advice, thanks. I’ve had similar counsel from someone who told me that the DS has a better games roster but that the PSP has far better graphics. One of her cousins bought a DS, another a PSP – and apparently the latter is now regretting the purchase.

    I’m all for good graphics, but at this point the balance seems to be tipping towards the DS. Research, research . . .

  3. I have them both, but I would recommend the DS for gaming on the go. The battery life for the PSP sucks. I usually only play RPGs, and there are some great games for both systems, but I think there are more available for the DS. It is a tough decision to make – good luck!

  4. Like previously stated, go DS. You’ll have loads of fun with Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, Ouendan and other quirky Japanese gems. You could always get a PSP down the road if you ever feel the need to get one.

  5. If you want to study Japanese, DS is the way to go. I saw some very interesting and educational games for learning Japanese on DS.

    As for PSP, I am extremely biased because FF: Tactics is one of my favorite games of all time 😛

  6. PSP for multimedia, DS for games. I’m less of a game person now, so I’d personally go for the PSP, given that there are still some really awesome things on it. Like Infinite Corridor, which I’m guessing will never be localized.

  7. @Julie: Battery life – I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

    @Yamcha: I just looked up Trauma Center in Wikipedia. Nice! Another point for the DS.

    @Kitsune: Thanks for the tip – I’ll keep an eye out for those educational games. I’m currently using my iPod Touch for brushing up on vocabulary and kanji (Japanese Flip and Kanji Flip, highly recommended!), so I know first hand how useful a portable electronic device can be for learning on the go. Try squinting at printed furigana in a moving vehicle at night and you’ll get the picture. 😉

    @Zeroblade: On balance, it looks like the DS has the advantage there. The good ol’ Pod covers music and videos, and the DS should complete the arsenal on the gaming side. (Incidentally, the PSP is far and away the more popular unit where I work: you can almost always see people leaning back in their chairs with PSPs in hand during the noontime break.)

  8. Had to make the same decision long ago and I would suggest looking at the games you want to play on each. If you like original gameplay then, the DS definitely has a lot more original titles like the ones Yamcha suggested. I wanted to play Brain Age and Trauma Centre at the time and ended up going for the DS. There’s been a lot more original titles since then of course such as SE’s “The World Ends with You”.

    On the other hand, if you enjoy traditional gaming and like up-to-date visuals, go with the PSP. It has its own fair share of good titles such as Monster Hunter and DJ Max Portable but most of time, I’m seeing ports = /

  9. @Xcomp: The consensus does seem to favour the DS in terms of original games. Overall, I’m starting to lean quite heavily towards Nintendo, if only because the range of available titles is substantially broader.

    Just a little more research and the decision will be made.

  10. Are you going to buy this real soon, or are you willing to wait for the wide-screen DS to be released in 2009, or the upcoming PSP-3000?

    I currently own a PSP, which I mainly use for watching videos now, like Zeroblade. I’d love to own a DS for the nifty Japanese learning tools, especially the Japanese dictionary-like software they have. And I’m gonna sit around and wait for that wide-screen version so I can at least be proud of having the newly designed DS, as opposed to the fat bulky PSP I bought years ago XD

    Another advantage (or should I say disadvantage [to the wallet]? :p) of the DS would be the TONS of anime-related games if offers. Then there’s also the increasing number of otome games, which would obviously appeal only to sub-species like me.

  11. @usagijen: A wide-screen DS! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for that, although since it only exists as a rumour for now I might as well take the “bird in the hand” approach and get the best model currently available.

    I only hope the games I’ll buy this year will run problem-free on the widescreen when it comes out.

  12. Hmmm, somehow I think the widescreen DS rumour won’t happen because it’s pretty pointless looking at the graphics the console is currently capable of.

    Before the PSP-2000 was released, there were all sorts of rumours flying about such as 8GB built-in memory, duo analogue sticks etc but it ended up being pretty much the same.

    I do wonder what they can do to the DS, though… Changes I’d personally like to see are WPA support, the old “DS-phat” D-pad and speakers back.

  13. go for PS3! better yet, upgrade your PC (or, do you use a Mac? :D) to the best specs you can ever think of, then buy PC games instead. 😀

    DMC4 rocks! Craaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeyyyyy! ~~~ 🙂

    P.S.: yeah, I said PS3. hehe. 🙂

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