Your morning manga is ready, Prime Minister (redux)

It’s been almost a year to the day since I wrote the following post, but recent events have revived some interesting, long-dormant possibilities.

Unless otherwise indicated, everything below the line of asterisks is from the post I originally published on 13 September 2007. The references to “current” events have not been updated. (For example, the outgoing PM this time around is Fukuda Yasuo, not Abe Shinzou.)

And a parting note: the BBC referred to manga as “Japanese manga cartoons”. Unforgivable.


I think the Wall Street Journal said it best: “Score one for the nerds!”

News of Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzou‘s surprise resignation was quickly followed by speculation as to who would succeed him. [EDIT: Now, less than a year later, Abe’s immediate successor Fukuda is on his way out. Talk about turnover!] According to the BBC, former Foreign Minister Asou Tarou – currently the secretary-general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and a close ally of Prime Minister Abe – is widely tipped to become the new man in the Kantei.

Now why is this relevant to us in the otakusphere?

Well, there’s the fact that Asou is a well-known manga fan.

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