A little help with research

I need some good references (preferably with illustrations) describing the Imperial Palace in Tokyo as it was before the Second World War. The modern palace – built in the 1960s to replace the Meiji Emperor’s original residence, which was destroyed during the war – frequently appears in books and websites about Japan, but I’ve had some difficulty locating references that contain more than a passing mention of the old palace. A few isolated photographs and snippets of information are available on the Internet, but there’s not nearly enough of it to put together an accurate mental image of the pre-war imperial complex. To that end, I’m especially interested in books/articles that include ground plans and photographs.

The references don’t necessarily have to be online, or even free. Just send me the title, author, publisher and other details and I’ll see if I can order it from overseas if I can’t find it in a library here.

Leads can be submitted by e-mail or as comments in reply to this post. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.