Sword + kimono = pure win

I have never seen Kara no Kyoukai. Until today, the name Ryougi Shiki has never passed within my hearing.

All that changed when, on my usual random browse-through of a certain online retailer, the stunning vision of a sword-wielding woman clad in a kimono appeared in front of me.

And before I knew it, my hands were scrambling to submit an irrevocable pre-order.

Details on Good Smile’s official website. She’s due out in November.

EDIT (09:16 PM): I just realised something – this is my 100th post. Break out the pocky!

6 Responses

  1. I’m also planning to get her after seeing it for the first time at Shin’s blog. So much charm and grace… But maybe a knife instead of the sword and shoes would make it better :p

  2. @ffviiknight: Hmm, I rather like the sword and bare feet. Contradictory symbolism – the bare feet suggest intimacy, while the long weapon implies distance.

    Then again, this also applies to your suggestion (with the short knife standing for intimacy and the shoes representing distance).

    I’m making all of this rubbish up, of course. We can always lean back and enjoy this beatific vision just as it is. (^_^)

  3. Fortunately, I’ve never been taken with any of the Type-moon properties, so I’m fine in that aspect. However, the Nanoha series has already gotten me over 10k worth of figures in pre-order. And god knows what could happen if they made figures of everyone from Chaos;Head (a pretty damn good game, by the way).

  4. Yup, the detail on the kimono’s definitely something. Especially the sash.

  5. […] pre-ordered this figure when it was first announced in August. Back then I wrote: I have never seen Kara no Kyoukai. Until today, the name Ryougi Shiki has never passed within my […]

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