September-October shopping list

R1 anime DVD collectors can expect a stampede of goodies to come roaring onto store shelves over the next couple of months. Here’s a look at what’s coming up. (Note: Only those titles I actually intend to acquire are included.)

The links will take you to each item’s product release page on Anime News Network.


02 September = The four lovely ladies from Saitama are back in the third volume of Bandai Entertainment’s R1 Lucky Star release. In this installment: Konata drags the Hiiragi twins along with her to Comiket. Chaos ensues – for Tsukasa, at least. The LE version includes Tsukasa’s character CD and a P.E.-uniform T-shirt. USD 44.99 on Amazon.

30 September = A new Venice rises on Mars in the complete 13-episode season one boxset of Aria, from Right Stuf International. USD 36.99 from Amazon.


07 October = Just a few weeks before ghosts and ghouls take over the streets for Halloween, FUNimation Entertainment scares the living daylights out of anime fans with a 3-disc DVD boxset containing the first part of Ghost Hunt. Fortunately for us, the price – USD 36.99 on Amazon – isn’t scary at all.

14 October = After ADV collapses onto the ground just one volume shy of the finish line, FUNimation Entertainment comes thundering by to give us our last dose of ~uguu in the sixth and final installment of Kanon. USD 21.99 on Amazon.

28 October = The pampered pupils of Ouran High take centre stage as their most famous student organisation debuts in the U.S., courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment’s 13-episode Ouran High School Host Club DVD boxset (containing the first half of the series). USD 44.99 on Amazon.

3 Responses

  1. You seem to have a knack for writing these things >_>

    And I too, am looking forward to a wonderful rendezvous with our lovely ladies from Aqua.

  2. @Zeroblade: I’ve been having trouble remembering release dates (too many series to keep track of), so I’ve given up trying to store them in my head. This blog entry is essentially one big Post-It memo reminding me what to buy and when.

    (Now that I think about it, I should consider adding manga releases as well.)

  3. […] Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi | A couple of days ago, I took delivery of the first item on my September-October shopping list: the LE version of Lucky Star Volume 4. Expect a photo-heavy review within the next week or […]

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