September-October shopping list

R1 anime DVD collectors can expect a stampede of goodies to come roaring onto store shelves over the next couple of months. Here’s a look at what’s coming up. (Note: Only those titles I actually intend to acquire are included.)

The links will take you to each item’s product release page on Anime News Network.


02 September = The four lovely ladies from Saitama are back in the third volume of Bandai Entertainment’s R1 Lucky Star release. In this installment: Konata drags the Hiiragi twins along with her to Comiket. Chaos ensues – for Tsukasa, at least. The LE version includes Tsukasa’s character CD and a P.E.-uniform T-shirt. USD 44.99 on Amazon.

30 September = A new Venice rises on Mars in the complete 13-episode season one boxset of Aria, from Right Stuf International. USD 36.99 from Amazon.


07 October = Just a few weeks before ghosts and ghouls take over the streets for Halloween, FUNimation Entertainment scares the living daylights out of anime fans with a 3-disc DVD boxset containing the first part of Ghost Hunt. Fortunately for us, the price – USD 36.99 on Amazon – isn’t scary at all.

14 October = After ADV collapses onto the ground just one volume shy of the finish line, FUNimation Entertainment comes thundering by to give us our last dose of ~uguu in the sixth and final installment of Kanon. USD 21.99 on Amazon.

28 October = The pampered pupils of Ouran High take centre stage as their most famous student organisation debuts in the U.S., courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment’s 13-episode Ouran High School Host Club DVD boxset (containing the first half of the series). USD 44.99 on Amazon.