Newtype, July 2008 issue

Note: The pictures in this post are NOT clickable. I chose not to upload full-sized versions of the images I took because, as always, I’d like to encourage readers to purchase their own copies (and also because I don’t want to get into a copyright dispute with the publisher). Consider this a teaser for the real thing.

About bloody time!

Nearly a month after I ordered it from Japan (via HLJ), my copy of Newtype‘s July 2008 issue has finally arrived, bearing more information on Suzumiya Haruhi round 2.

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead – not from the magazine (since most of the text is virtually unreadable in these low-quality images) but from my commentary. Nothing major, though.

I’m typing this out in a hurry, so expect some tweaking over the next few days. Just a bare bones commentary to start, then I’ll fill in a few more details when time permits.

First, a word on the cover (above). Here we have further evidence as to which book in Tanigawa Nagaru’s Suzumiya Haruhi light novel series will take centre stage this time, although that was already confirmed during the promotional campaign they ran last year – Part One in July, Part Two in December. On this issue’s cover, Haruhi is wearing clothes that conform to the text description on page 28 of Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (‘kuroi burezaa’ = black blazer) and match the illustration on page 117. (The blazer may look brownish in the image above, but it’s really black when one looks at the actual cover.)

Before we proceed, let’s have a look at the first thing under the front cover: a gorgeous Lucky Star poster (above). Sweet.

Now let’s move on to the really good stuff.

Sekai wa “kanojo” o matte ita! – did I read that right? The world was waiting for “her”!, or something to that effect; I haven’t exactly mastered Japanese verb conjugations yet so feel free to correct me.

As for the illustration, I believe the spread above depicts a scene from the Prologue of the novel.

A scene from Chapter 5 (above)?

Note the words ‘new animation’ running across the top of the spread. On these pages, and even during last year’s promotional campaign, the term ‘second season’ appears to have been set aside in favour of terminology that identifies the upcoming series as an entirely new project. In the spread below, for example, the first of the two red lines printed near the middle states that this isn’t merely a second season, while the line below speaks of ‘new “Haruhi”‘. It’s unlikely that the producers are breaking away completely from the original series given that the animation studio and character designs (and presumably the voice talents) will remain unchanged; on the other hand, the core source material, while part of the same light novel series as the original, is from a completely different volume. Perhaps the term ‘second season’ suggested that the next batch of episodes would be nothing more than a continuation of the first, which is why the term was set aside – but that’s pure speculation on my part. In any case, much of the main body of the article (which might contain information that can help clear the matter up) is too complicated for me to understand, so the finer nuances of the terminological shift are still beyond my grasp.

For the time being, I shall refer to the upcoming series using the relatively neutral term ’round 2′.

Along the top of the spread (above), there’s some information on the promotional campaign for round 2, starting with the July 2007 ‘Tanabata incident’.

The panel on the left features Kyoto Animation’s new studio.

A close-up of the grey box on the left page in the foregoing spread (above). This interesting little snippet features some well-known examples of Haruhi sightings outside Japan, including (clockwise from left): on a placard used during a protest march in Gaza (and on a photo of the protest used in a French newspaper article), on a Chinese pamphlet about the Beijing Olympics, and on a chocolate waffle wrapper from Belarus.

The usual character sketches (above). On the left, more pictures showing KyoAni’s new studio.

Haruhi figures (above). I’ve temporarily suspended my own figure purchases and channeled more resources back to core acquisitions – namely, manga and DVDs – so these will have to wait. Besides, I’m a Nagato person, so there’s not a lot of temptation here . . .

I’m not much of a fan of Code Geass – in fact, I’ve yet to see a single episode – but those who’ve already jumped onto the Lelouch bandwagon will be pleased to know that the series gets good coverage in this issue: twenty pages of full-colour images, character profiles and postcards. (Two postcards, to be exact.)

This month’s insert is devoted to Mobile Suit Gundam. As I have absolutely no interest in this series, I’ll probably just flick through the pages when I tire of the main issue.

As promised, more to follow – I don’t have time to process all of the details at the moment. I may also post a few more pictures of the magazine’s other features, and possibly the contents page as well (so that you’ll know what you’re getting should you decide to pick up a copy).

2 Responses

  1. Too bad you’re not into Mecha anime. I really believe you should give Code Geass and Gundam 00 a try.. It gives us an overview of a possible political “scenario” in the future if things would turn out that way. I think that beside of the robots in these anime, the plot of the story is what really makes this anime worthwhile. Really looking forward to the second season of Gundam 00.

    P.S. i alreday have seen the Trailer of Gundam 00 although it was for about 12 seconds.. hmph

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