First anniversary

Break out the Pocky and call in the cosplayers – it’s time to celebrate one year of active blogging. Woo-hoo!

(Okay, I’m fresh out of Pocky, but I think there’s a half-empty bottle of vintage port that’s been mellowing in the fridge since New Year’s. That’ll serve.)

Now I really should’ve put up this post on 03 June, one year to the day I published the entry that started the virtually uninterrupted flow of net noise that’s been pouring out of this blog ever since. As always, work got in the way, although with my resignation letter already taking shape in my head that won’t be a problem for much longer.

“But Diego, Diego! Your archive goes all the way back to December 2006! Doesn’t that mean you should’ve celebrated your first anniversary six months ago?” Regular visitors already know the story (from this old post), but here’s the reason for those who don’t: I started the blog in December 2006, but I didn’t become an active blogger until June of the following year.

Since then I’ve been churning out posts of varying types (and varying quality), ranging from news bites to shopping guides to DVD reviews. I’ve linked to scores of great blogs and been linked to by others, including sites written in languages I can’t even understand. (DnH has seen a fair bit of traffic from links to my SHnY DVD reviews which were posted in French and German forums, for example.) As time went on, I racked up a good deal of great experiences – and loads of great purchases! – which eventually made their way into my posts for other netizens to see. On one particularly memorable occasion, I caught wind of an upcoming event on another blog and ended up getting my first taste of liveblogging.

And as DnH enters its second year, I find myself wondering about the ways in which my blogging habit can develop further. For one thing, I’d like to write more editorials. Product reviews are well and good, but I don’t think I’ll feel as if I’ve actually contributed something to the anime blogosphere until I start writing posts that give existence to original thoughts (rather than simply point out the flaws and the strengths of some physical object). I’d also like to try my hand at blogging events. We don’t have the sort of mega-conventions that American otaku are accustomed to, but we do have our fair share of anime-related goings-on that might make good blog fodder. (The upcoming 2008 Eiga Sai, for example.)

At any rate, I can reflect on these things later. For now, it’s time to party – or to be precise, to have breakfast. (It’s already 4:37 AM; make haste to the dining room!)

Here’s to another year of great experiences on the blog scene!

4 Responses

  1. Huzzah! Happy First Anniversary.

  2. Happy first anniversary! The first two of my own blog zipped by without me knowing it (lol), so make sure you enjoy this one!

    Also, I must know where you can find obscure manga like AQUA and ARIA – I’m picking up volume 1 of the former and volume 2 of the latter later today (technically Saturday).

  3. @Yamcha: Thanks. I’m already looking forward to my second!

    @Zeroblade: I’ll try to relish the moment. 😉

    We’re in the same boat, my friend: I’m also trying to locate those titles. I managed to grab Volume 1 of “Aqua” from PowerBooks Greenbelt (a long time ago), but I don’t know if they’ll ever put Volume 2 on sale – and I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of “Aria” in any of the usual places (PowerBooks, Fully Booked, Bibliarch). Where did you find your copy of Volume 1?

  4. Oh, just in the Fully Booked in Greenhills. God, that was a pure moment of joy when I saw the books.

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