Sayonara, Fukuzawa-sama

I’ve been under the weather these past couple of days (head cold and stress-induced malaise), but there’s nothing like some hot chicken soup and a financially ruinous round of retail therapy to perk up one’s spirits.

(On the other hand, the thought of actually paying the bill at the end of the month is threatening to send me into a relapse.)

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Lucky Star – Special Edition DVD Volume 1 (review)

Today the spotlight falls on the first volume of Kadokawa/Bandai’s special edition Region 1 Lucky Star DVD series.

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I’d like an order of subtitles to go with my new drama, please

A few hours of unexpected weekend work have left me feeling utterly knackered. I’ll hammer out a proper write-up just as soon as my overheated brain regains its normal functionality.

For now, give this slick new Saturday offering from NHK a once-over. (The link goes to the official site.) It’s a drama about the last profession on earth one would expect anyone to make a drama about.

And tell someone to put together a decent set of subtitles for it, will you?

5 Centimeters Per Second – Eiga Chirashi

Here’s an extra dose of eye candy for fans of Shinkai’s Byousoku 5 Centimeter: front-and-back photographs of the chirashi I purchased in Singapore last year.

Image of the back after the jump.

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5 Centimeters Per Second – Special Edition Japan DVD Set (review)

Today the spotlight falls on the limited-edition Region 2 DVD boxset of Shinkai Makoto‘s 2007 film Byousoku 5 Centimeter.

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First anniversary

Break out the Pocky and call in the cosplayers – it’s time to celebrate one year of active blogging. Woo-hoo!

(Okay, I’m fresh out of Pocky, but I think there’s a half-empty bottle of vintage port that’s been mellowing in the fridge since New Year’s. That’ll serve.)

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