The postman cometh . . .

. . . bearing gifts!

It’ll probably be more of the same from Kanon Volumes 3 and 4 (in terms of content/features, that is), so expect the LE version of Lucky Star Volume 1 to be reviewed first.

Incidentally, now that I’ve upgraded my photographic armament to a Sony DSC T-300, I plan to start doing what other bloggers have always done: link the small images in my posts to bigger, sharper versions of the same. (Don’t bother clicking on the image above, though – this change will only be implemented in future posts, and certainly not in all cases. Storage and bandwith limits remain critical considerations.) (I decided to give it a shot, so click away.)


UPDATE (01 June 2008): I’m still rather busy on weekdays, so I’ve only gotten around to opening the DVD cases. Turns out there’s a major defect (not quite fatal, but very unwelcome) in the Lucky Star disc. I’ve contacted the customer service department of YesAsia (where I bought all this stuff from) and I’m currently waiting for their reply. This of course means that my review will be significantly delayed. Sorry ’bout that.

5 Responses

  1. 3 gigabytes of space is generally enough for a load of high resolution pictures though.

  2. @Zeroblade: Yeah, I suppose you’re right. If I run out of space – which probably won’t happen for a while – I can always revert to my Photobucket account or purchase an upgrade.

    I edited the post to try it out, so click away. (There’s not much to see in the picture above, though.)

  3. Nice haul. I’m thinking about picking up the Kanon DVDs sometime.

  4. 7 megapixels, I presume?

  5. @Yamcha: I’m sure it will be a worthwhile investment. The kind of animation KyoAni used for this series really deserves the big-screen treatment.

    @Zeroblade: 10.1. I was aiming for the W300 (13.1, less fancy and and a little less expensive), but all the HK stores I visited were fresh out of stock. In the end, though, I’m glad I ended up with the T300. Completely idiot-proof, even for a no-talent photographer like me.

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