Flights of fancy


I’m jetting off to Hong Kong and Macau this weekend for a bit of much-needed R&R. Directions to good bookshops, camera stores and otaku hotspots in either city are much appreciated.

4 Responses

  1. Where’s that image from? My first instinct when I saw it was to laugh.

  2. It’s from the second episode of the live-action “Nodame Cantabile” Paris special. Great comedy all throughout – even this brief aeroplane sequence with Stresemann was laugh-out-loud funny.

  3. They look drunk. Are they?

  4. Nah, they’re not drunk – but the old git on the right is bats**t crazy and the young fellow is giving his trademark eye-roll.

    Give this series a shot, if you can find the time. It never fails to elicit a guffaw from me (even after a few rewatches), and of course the music’s good.

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