She’s here.

Expect a big welcome post (complete with pictures) this weekend. Unless work kills me first, of course.

Until then, the Law of the Rat Race still applies: Blogger + Work = No Updates.

3 Responses

  1. I understand how you feel, it’s really hard to maintain a blog when your’e stuck at work. I guess I’m still lucky to be able to update at least once a week. ^^

  2. Awesome :O
    I demand photos.

  3. shinji: Lucky indeed. I’d count myself fortunate if I can put up a new post every two weeks. Not a good sign – my old standard was once a week (minimum).

    Zeroblade: The post is up. My apologies for the sucky photos – it was a rush shoot and (more importantly) I have no talent as a photographer. ***hangs head in shame*** Once I stop being an overworked office slave, I might have more time to hone my skills.

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