Peso for your thoughts

I was going through my huge anime backlog when I saw something that really made my day.

From Bamboo Blade episode 10, originally aired in December 2007.

Kirino: “That’s right! She met someone from her past that she didn’t want to see, and I bet one peso on that!”
Kuwahara: “Peso?”
Kirino: “Un, peso peso.”

Miyazaki: “Your answer is correct. Here’s one peso.”

This is probably the first time in ages that I’ve seen a reference to the good ol’ R.P. in an anime series. (Sure, it’s a pretty indirect reference, but I still think it’s worth at least a mild chuckle.)

5 Responses

  1. I thought the 1 Peso coin was silver-colored, while the 5 Peso coin would be bronze-colored. Either way though, they must be pretty cheap, betting only 30 Yen.
    And yeah, references to the Philippines are rather rare; the last time I saw one was in Black Lagoon’s final few episodes.

  2. Someone made a similar observation on one of the forums I visited recently. Apart from the golden-bronze colour, the portrait stamped on the coin looks a lot like Emilio Aguinaldo.

    Colour (and mangled Rizal profile) aside, it’s a pretty accurate reproduction of the old “Pilipino Series” one peso coin. They even got the pattern of raised dots around the portrait right.

    Incidentally, what kind of reference did the R.P. get in those Black Lagoon episodes?

  3. haha this is my first time to see reference to RP in anime and yes it looks more Aguinaldo than Rizal^^. I wonder what kind of reference was made in Black lagoon…

  4. The entire thing took place in the Philippines lol
    In Mindanao, of course, with all the rebels and the like.

  5. Really? I have to see how the rebels look like^^. Seems like RP is getting popular hehe^^

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